How a gravity bong functions

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While smoking tobacco, herbs or other substances, the effect depends to some extent, how much smoke the user is inhaling at a time. If the user is inhaling only small amount of smoke, he will have to inhale repeatedly for the same effect, and it will take more time . A bong is slang for a water pipe which is similar to a hookah, and used for inhaling tobacco or other smokable substance. Those who smoke regularly are told that a gravity bong will generate a larger and better hit. Hence if they have not used the bong earlier, they will usually ask what is a gravity bong to get more information about the design and effectiveness of the bong.

A gravity bong consists of a large bowl or bucket which is filled with water, a smaller bottle with a bowl of the smokable substance on top. To use the gravity bong, the large bowl is first lit to heat it and the smokable substance. The smaller bottle is then slowly pulled out of the water. The smoker will put his mouth over the top of the smaller bottle, the cover for the smokable substance is then removed. Due to the force of gravity when the user pushes the bottle down, a large amount of smoke will enter the lungs directly at the same time creating a bigger and better hit.

Since a large amount of smoke is produced, gravity bongs are not recommended for those who are new to smoking since their tolerance levels are not high. Compared to conventional smoking methods, this method is far more effective in inhaling any substance, since the highly concentrated smoke is inhaled in a very short span of time. Many smokers looking for a new method of inhaling tobacco or any other substance can consider using a gravity bong. It also a quicker way of inhaling tobacco or other herbal products.

Smokers who wish to save money can make a gravity bong at home, using plastic bottles, aluminum foil, plastic buckets, smokable substance and other material. These gravity bongs can be used for home smoking. However, these are often not of very good quality and the user may also inhale some harmful chemicals. Hence many experts recommend that it better to purchase a quality gravity bong made from glass. The seal for these gravity bongs is tighter, so they will last for a longer period of time, and the hit quality is also better.