Hand Spray Sanitisers

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One of the best ways to kill germs is to wash your hands with soap and water, but when soap and water aren’t available, Hand sanitisers are the best option. So what is hand sanitiser spray?- it’s a liquid foam (gel), sprayed on the hand to kill infections agents on the palm.


Hand spray sanitizers can be categorised into two classes based on the active ingredient:

i) Alcohol-free sanitiser- this contains antimicrobial components. It serves well in getting rid of the microbial organisms. It contains balsam which smells great and softens your skin.

ii) Alcohol-based sanitiser- consist of 60 to 90% of alcohol (Ethanol and propanol). It serves as a medical disinfectant and is useful in killing micro-organisms.


Picking the right sanitiser can be complicated. Here is a quick guide.

• Storage- alcohol-based sanitizers are flammable and should be stored safely, far from the fire. Also, they should be stored away from kids.

• Expiry date- Hand sanitisers normally take about three years to expire. It loses effectiveness when alcohol dissolves.

• Choose a safe product-there are various products in the market, but not all of them suit your skin. Choose a hand sanitizer that is good for your skin and won’t cause any inflammation. Look at the ingredients to avoid any allergic reactions.

• Effectiveness- effectiveness depends on the application technique. But generally, alcohol-based sanitisers are more effective compared with their counterparts. However, some can be ineffective because their alcohol level is low.


Normally, hand sanitisers are readily available in local stores. However, because of this pandemic, it might be hard to find it. It is not recommended for consumers to make their own sanitizers. If prepared incorrectly they can be ineffective or cause health problems such as skin burns.


Hand sanitisers work best when used appropriately. spray the recommended amount on your hand- make sure it covers the surface of both hands, and pay attention to the fingertips as that’s where you touch a lot of things with. Rub your hands for 20 seconds until your skin is dry.


Hand sanitisers are classified as over the counter drugs. Don’t drink it, ingesting even a small amount can lead to poisoning. Children should use it with supervision from an adult. Do not rinse off the hand sanitiser before it is dry. Do not apply it on your hand if your hands are creasy, use water instead. If you use an alcohol-based sanitiser then be sure to read the facts on the warning section